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Much of the culture of Urban Rio is rooted in the history of the area and the building, which was originally the Plano Ice House. Built-in 1917, the Ice House was the provider of ice products to Plano residents and businesses. What once housed workers with ice tongs and picks, has evolved into Plano's most exciting cantina and grill!


When we began construction, it was important to preserve the historic aspects of the building and to maintain some of its rustic characters. While much of the building is new construction, we did preserve parts of the original structure.


The first-floor dining room features designs from Cal Young of CYA Design Collective and brings in colors and the textures commonly found in the river valley. The water feature, our very own Rio, is visible for all to enjoy.


The second floor features our On The Rocks cantina and brings in original designs from the Ice House of 1917. Our goal was to create an "icehouse feel" with updated details. On the Rocks offers wonderful views, complete with garage doors along the perimeter that, on most nights, create an open-air environment perfect for watching beautiful sunsets over Plano.